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Tony- Taken April 6, 2016
Training since 1976. 
In both martial arts (Kendo, Aikido, Tai Ch'i Chuan, Judo, Hapkwondo, Hsing-I-Chuan, Ch'i Kung (Qi gong) and  drug free for life natural

Black Dragon Ch'i Kung
Taken August 26, 2017
Back shot~ Tony Salvitti Taken July 4, 2016 at Snap Fitness
in Roy, Utah 4800 South.
​        Black Dragon Kung Fu: Advanced Training (6" x 9" paperback)

These techniques will elevate you to a new status as a martial artist. Everything from "iron palm" to "iron body" is covered including; secret breathing methods, ch'i kung and how to use, increase and exercise control over your ch'i force, Black Dragon Kung Fu will provides you with a rich detailed history of many martial arts styles and the amazing history and unique origins. Make your own "Dit ja jow", increase your training and fighting speed to the point where you are seen moving only as a blur. Train your reflexes, condition your body, learn the most effective target areas to defeat any enemy!
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Tony at the Black Dragon Dojo