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Sensei Salvitti-Tai Ch'i & Xing Yi Boxer

Tony Salvitti, has trained in Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Germany, Italy, and Hong Kong. After years of hard external arts (Wing Chun included). Tony was introduced into the "internal or dark force" of Kung Fu by Sifu Kwan Li in 1983. Achieved a rank of 5th Dan in Black Dragon Kung Fu.. He later teaches the healing side of Ch'i Kung and a few of the ancient Chinese "Kungs" (Iron Palm, Iron Body, One finger, etc). I have treated every customer like they were a part of my family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services come with a personal touch, and we have the same goals-Develop to maximum physical and mental genetic potential with an extended lifespan! 
Sensei Salvitti, Tai Ch'i
and Iron Palm.master
Tony Salvitti -Personal trainer
Black Dragon Ch'i Kung master
Black Dragon Kung Fu master and with black belt from Kang Rhee, and studied under Grand Master Kwan Li, for over 8 years. Plus over 45 years of boxing, Muai Thai, Joe Lewis-Karate, Judo, Aikido, and with the military trained with Col. Rex Applegate- instructor in command techniques and fighting. Tony, has also been a bodyguard and security expert, for many clients worldwide.
Training since the early 1970's in bodybuilding, and various martial arts disciplines.. Tony has written over 45 books and articles published about obtaining you maximum genetic potential, and fulfilling it completely.
Tony has trained diligently since the 1970's and learned from the best; Vince Gironda, Larry Scott (the first Mr. Olympia), Joe Lewis, Sensei Yamada, and Sifu Kwan Li.
Committed to helping our customers achieve their dreams
Utube video footage Sensei Salvitti-1999
Jean-Claude Van Damme & John Salvitti taken during the making of the movie "Pound of flesh".
Shidoshi-GM Ron Van Clief