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"A job well done... Top-rate"
I achieved phenomenal definition and was able to keep my muscle an lose the fat in record time. The products at EPS are top notch an at age 45 I could not have done it without them-Janice P.
"Healed my back""
At my 'young' age,(52)  not only did I lose the pain in my back and joint health returned relatively pain free. I have a more developed back (and body) than I did when I was age 40. E.P.S., has made a huge difference in my recovery and continued development.

"Voted the number one in the area"
I finally got my dream of 20 inch arms! No synthol. Just eating right, training hard, and a few of the EPS products sold here that are the real deal. -Tony S.
News and Reviews for ExtraPhysicalStatus.Com

Great products! Just started taking this since last week ...
By Robert Klatz on August 22, 2014
I will recommend Tony as a personal trainer anytime. My program that I train on now has increased my strength 100%
Great product! Just started taking this since last week and I have noticed an increase in energy and feel stronger in the gym. My first time take testosterone booster and DELTA-V seem's to really work!! I strongly recommend this for anyone out there needing an extra boost.

By Peter Jones on July 26, 2014
Works like an absolute charm, toned up, muscles grew, would recommend this to any guy looking to get that little extra boost in the gym!

By G. Ying on July 26, 2014
I am a 35 year old male who works out regularly, 5'8" and 185lbs. with approximately 12% body fat. I am giving these specs because an individuals body type plays a factor with all supplements, as well as their physical chemistry. I did not ever think I would be looking into testosterone boosters at the age of 35, but I push my body pretty hard and have definitely noticed a decline in energy the last few years. I have taken countless energy supplements, pre-workout supplements, various stimulants, etc. but most of them have short-term benefits that leave you burnt out. I've also done extensive research on testosterone boosters and found the beneficial evidence to be nonsupporting. However, I can honestly say that after 1 month of taking this supplement I have noticed a general increased level of energy throughout the day and first thing in the morning. I also recently started taking DELTA-V but only about 3 or 4 times per week before a workout. Note that I experienced noticeable results from the DELTA-V before I ever began taking the other priducts. The DELTA-V seems to be for general overall elevated levels of energy and stamina, as opposed to the "RED-VOLT".

able to recover and feel much better throughout the day
By H. Wilkins on July 18, 2014
This helps, so much! I don't work out - don't need to. I get all the physical activity I can stand walking packs of dogs (8-9), four times a day, an hour at a time, that, at age 67 (nearly 68), I was lagging in energy, but this put me back in step, able to recover and feel much better throughout the day.

Stamina builder
By Clyde Cantonwine on July 17, 2014
Been using a couple weeks. Noticeable increase in stamina.
 Would recommend it and the book "Exta Physical Status" really is,
 advanced knowledge for growth and strength increase's!  .

I have tried products from BSN, MucslePharm, Hyrdoxycut, BPI and many more, the Russian supplements tops them all!!!
By Jason Williams on August 25, 2014
Roughly 8 days later after being OFF all three supplements (DELTA-V, Vasio-dilate) and still going to the gym, I feel good. I don't feel worse. Best of all no "PCT" needed! I do notice a moderate decrease in energy, focus and strength however. nothing huge or dramatic, but a definite decrease in body fat. I will update again on day 14 (Sept 8th, 2014).

I workout 3-5 days a week, it usually varies on the week and my schedule. A minimum would be 3 days a week which include cardio and weight lifting. I also have a proper diet which consist of 2100 calories which was designed by my friend whom is a pro-body builder. I am not a hardcore gym rat, nor do I go to the gym to look like THE ROCK. I simply go to stay in the best possible health and shape as I get older (I just turned 30). I have been taking DELTA-V, and Vasio-dilate for a little over a month now and I really like all their supplements a lot. Their vitamins pack a potent punch of essential vitamins and minerals which have kept me feeling energized and balanced. I have stack the a multi-vitamin with DELTA-V and VASIO-dialate for maximum results and I love what I see and feel so far.

In the first 30 days I have gone from 179lbs to 173lbs while losing 2 pills a day of Delta-V increasing my Lean Body Mass (LBM). I have taken Hyrdoxycut, BPI products, MusclePharm products, BSN products and so many more I cannot remember without pulling up my entire bodybuilding order history. Stacking DELTA-V,  and NoopercetI am more focused while at the gym, I have better pump and get more reps in. I have become SLIGHTLY stronger, nothing super human or anything but have made some nice gains.

Tony is the BEST trainer period!
By Jeff Armstrong on March 29, 2015
Very impressed with this product. Combined with the workout program Tony gave me it is the best test booster I have ever tried and I have tried several. Not only does it give me an extra edge during my workouts, it also gives me a great feeling of extra confidence. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone considering a test booster. Also, the fact that the product is all natural gives me peace of mind. Delta-V is a GREAT PRODUCT!

By Bruce Rynolds on July 4, 2014
I've used quite a bit of natural test boosters because I train for power-lifting. Let me tell you, this might be the best natural test booster iv'e ever used till this day. It gives me energy, keeps me motivated and focused, and mainly makes me stronger and helps me make gains. Well done again Extra Physical Status!.
Women, get the 
sexy body you 
want and other's envy! E.P.S. is the best!
Tony Salvitti is awesome! A great person and very knowledgeable on the sports topic. I wish you the best, Tony! 
--Angela Grace
Tony helped me get ready for summer. He guided me in both exercises at my gym and in nutrition. I am now 100% hooked on weight training and it has not built huge muscles only re-shaped the sexy ones I have! 
~Jennifer Johnson RN
After the birth of my last two twin girls (a total of 6 kids). 
I contracted Tony to get me in shape for my 40th birthday! He did! My results were amazing as you can see.~Annette Olsen
Got my autographed copy of "Natural Brain & Bodybuilding Secrets" today. 
Thank you Tony!!! 
Suzanne "Suzy" Chaffee is a former Olympic alpine ski racer and actress. Following her racing career, she modelled in New York with Ford Models and then became the pre-eminent freestyle ballet skier of the early 1970s. She is perhaps best known by the nickname, Suzy Chapstick in 1978.
I train for health & fitness. I plan on training for life. I follow a 3 sets at 20 reps routine with weights. Which does indeed help me maintain my physique and give me boundless energy!
~Angelique Horne
Moab, Utah    March 2017

Thank you Tony for the "Heavy Metal Training Systems" books and log book!
Tony, is a nice trainer with a lot of keen insight into a person's general condition and how to obtain the goal set before him. To get in shape, or compete on a national level bodybuilding contest. Tony Salvitti, will not disappoint you in anyway.

Fawn Tauber, National bodybuilding champion & teacher.
Appleton, Wisconsin