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​Tired of not getting anything back from all the training you are doing? Or feeling too run down to train? Now you will learn the brain and bodybuilding secrets that will have you gaining the size and strength you wish, and increasing your energy level, with an incredible “42 day training cycle”, that will give you anabolic results. New findings about vitamins and many other supplements for your body and brain. Increase your longevity and banish arteriosclerosis! Discover amazing natural alternatives to harmful prescription drugs and increase your libido and intelligence at the same time! This program will work for everyone from age 18-120. The best way is the natural way. You are never too old or young to start. Build incredible size, strength, and stamina!  Also from
Tired of eating cardboard like food? Being low on energy? Or always in a bad mood? With 'Vegetarian Bodybuilding', not only will you find a plethora of delicious easy to make recipes. You will boost your serotonin levels (unlike high protein diets) and fill your muscles bulging with glycogen and power! Recover faster from workouts and save a huge amount of money on your grocery bill. Everything can be made with these simple to follow recipes with a minimum of effort. Why spend time pre-packaging meals just for your self? When you can create delicious meals for your family and friends, that they can enjoy with you and stay healthy too! Also from
​Build muscle the natural way! Use time tested recipes and increase your size, strength and stamina! This book includes complete recipes for meat dishes, eggs, rice (and other gluten free foods), and salads. Also included is a well researched "Ultimate protein drink" recipe formulated by the author, that will rival any you could purchase in health food stores! Also included are the most important herbs for boosting your libido, testosterone, and other hormones naturally. Herbs that will decrease back pain and arthritis in your joints. & Isometrics!( If you only have 12 seconds per day to train you can get super-strength results!) Time tested proven training routines are also provided that will keep you training for decades to come. With two dieting methods to get into that ripped contest shape without dangerous dieting drugs!
Secrets of Ch'i Kung (Paperback 208 pages 8" x 10")

New for 2013..Ch'i kung, centuries ago the ancient masters were practicing this meditative discipline to balance and invigorate the human body. They called this vital force, which pervades all things both animate and inanimate, Ch'i. The Ch'i, is the vital energy of the human body, while "kung" means skill of moving the Ch'i (or energy work). Practitioners use mind control to move and control the Ch'i to not only improve health and longevity, but also to enhance awareness, psychic powers, and spiritual development. On the other end of the spectrum are: Iron Palm-training, Real Dim mak-fact or fiction?, Legendary "kungs"-Iron Body(gold bell cover), Some of the many names of Ch'i are: pneuma-ancient Greek, ki-Japanese, mana-Polynesian, prana-India, and ka-ancient Egyptian. All. tell of a amazing energy,. In fact there are references made to the phenomenon of the human energy field, in 97 different cultures. The Pythagorean’s, as far back as 500 B.C. also believed in a universal energy pervading all of nature. Ch'i from a person can have either a healthy or unhealthy effect on someone else, just by being present. The ch'i of one person may be harmonious, or it may be discordant in another. Also, a complete chapter on building your body to its maximum genetic potential. The training alone will save you years of wasted effort; nutrition is also covered in great detail. Included is a extensive glossary of martial arts, and artists from around the world. All this and much, much, more! The prize is Kong Jing, (motionless exercise). This can be practiced by young and old alike with great results

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Take a look below at these amazing benefits of increasing your testosterone levels, and you're sure to agree: it sounds like the ‘Fountain of Youth’!

By increasing your testosterone levels, you can reverse the symptoms of aging and greatly improve your overall health.

•Increased libido and enhanced sexual performance
•Reduced body fat
•Increased muscle mass and muscle tone
•Greater sense of well being and happiness
•More energy and vitality
•Increased strength, stamina and endurance
•Improved immune system function
•Increased bone density
•Improved circulation and blood flow
•Controlled blood glucose levels
•Lower bad (LDL) cholesterol, higher good (HDL) cholesterol
•Reduced conversion of testosterone to estrogen
•Increased sperm count and mobility (fertility)
•Improved concentration, memory and mental function
•Increased DHEA, an anti-aging hormone
•Increased SOD, a powerful antioxidant
Did you notice something about the above list of benefits?
 They are all reversed symptoms of aging!!! 

For muscle size and fat loss

   You may also choose to stay on the diet but it is recommended that you have at least one or two meals that are high carb(pasta, potatoes or rice) every four to five days. You cannot however, eat on the low carb diet days 1-5 anymore than 40 grams of complex carbohydrates per day. Otherwise you will start to store fat, instead of burning it.

   During the strict 5 days of low carb you may consume the following foods along with an increase in water per day.
1) Eggs- I eat 6-12 whole eggs per day! 
2) Real Butter
3) Whole cream
4) Chicken-1-2 pounds of chicken per day!
5) Fish-Trout, salmon, tuna, etc.
6) Beef-I also eat 1-2 pounds of ground beef per day!
7) Pork-Roast, chops, ribs.
8) Olive oil, canola oil, coconut oil, sesame oil.
9) Cottage cheese or Ricotta Cheese.
10) Bacon (or Turkey Bacon).
11) Liver (beef , and veal).
12) A small green salad made with-spinach, onions, garlic, and olive oil, with either red wine vinegar or balsalmic. 
12) A small salad with supper; add-onions, olives, garlic, spinach, tomatoes, etc.

Extra Physical Status is
Testosterone helps melt body fat and build muscle. But do you need to diet and exercise to lose weight as well? Studies show that may not be necessary.

  Long-term studies, ranging from 6 months to 5 years, show that men who increase their testosterone levels lose belly fat and improve muscle tone without any lifestyle changes. However, it is important to note that these studies take place over the course of several months and that weight loss rarely occurs in a very short period of time. For this reason, we suggest watching your diet and doing some exercise to help you lose fat quicker.

  For example, sugars can lower testosterone up to 25%, so cutting back on sugar, alcohol, and simple carbs (white bread and pasta) will help your testosterone build muscle and shed body fat more quickly.

  Cortisol, the stress hormone, can also block the effects of testosterone. Light exercise, such as regular 30-minute walks or stretching, meditation ch'i kung,lowers stress and reduces cortisol levels. Adding some type of exercise routine (primarily weight training. Which is the most effective when it comes to body composition changes i.e. fat-loss & muscle gain). 
   Eat the following to reduce body-fat: eggs, Nuts (all types), seeds (sunflower, etc.), Avocado, Fish Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Recommend 2 tablespoons per day of Safflower Oil- (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), Yogurt, Cheese (cottage, ricotta, cheddar, Swiss), Meat (chicken, beef, lamb, turkey, ham, fish, etc), Real butter (salted or unsalted).
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Delve into the amazing world of the internal "yin" martial arts. Learn about health and your Ch'i. Understand the difference between internal and external Iron palm. The mysterious Cinnabar palm, and training methods revealed. Plus, and in-depth look at the origins of both arts, with detailed instructions. Now harness the incredible power of Tai Ch’i Boxing and understand why it is called “The Grand Ultimate Fist”.
A good 3 day per week E.P.S. Training Program
This is a excellent training program to start with. I train one of the red cards that are above and one to the left. At a time with a day off in between each training session. This routine will give you one day off in-between workouts. This will allow continued to gains. The only variable needed to change up once every month is the amount of weight, sets, and repetitions used. I keep the amount of weight light to medium and keep continuous tension on the muscle.
* Note if you need more than a day off take it to recover. Many people take 48 hours in-between workouts.
Now you can use advanced D.N.A. enhancement which is beyond anabolic steroids! Learn about the one or two course of peptides anyone can get and make a change in the make up of your genetic blueprint for life. Unlike chemical enhancements, which require regular injections or oral administration to have a continued effect. Peptides specific to the system you are trying to enhance are availible now. Without any side effects unlike anabolic steroids. Also many new very obtainable results including testosterone and human growth hormone increase by using state of the art training and new proven herbs and common kitchen foods! Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s natural preventive measures, and why this could affect everyone who has taken anabolic steroids for over a one-two year duration. 212 pages!
Black Dragon Ch'i Kung, 8" x 10" , 232 pages.

Secrets unveiled! Learn the health and longevity secrets from China, Korea, and Japan (also detailed herb information). This extra information is provided by Sifu Tony Salvitti, who traveled the world in search of the truth about Ch'i Kung (Qi Gong) and to further separate the fact from fantasy (STAR WARS, Darth Vader, and Yoda "Ch'i Kung" connection info). You can now develop your health and longevity beyond what you thought possible! It does not matter what type of job or sport you do-Ch'i Kung will increase and enhance every aspect of your very long life.
Teenage Bodybuilding Power, 134 pages, 5" x 0.3" x 8" inches.

Teenage Bodybuilding power, is for teenager's (13-17) no adults! Get in shape fast for summer, build up your strength, speed, and stamina, for next years football, basketball, soccer, cheer-leading, or track & field. Make incredible gains in only 2-3 months time and continue on developing good health habits, while eliminating bad ones.
Take advantage of your once in a lifetime youthful advantage and make the best gains in your life-without any artificial drugs, anabolic steroids, or growth hormone.
You will exude a new found self-confidence, and self-discipline, and command respect where ever you go. Have your friends and family gasping in amazement as you transform in just a few short weeks!
The bay-boomer's guide to bodybuilding: (for everyone over the hill). 6" x 0.5" x 9" inches. 224 page.
The development and current state of your health is now in your hands. Learn to train and maintain an above average to excellent physique that is healthy inside as well as out. Glowing with confidence and strength that your friends will simply not have. Learn the secrets and new ways to control your appearance, health, strength level and well-being. Not to mention obtaining a longer than average lifespan!
Occult origins and magic.  6 x 0.5 x 9 inches, 192 pages.

Discover the occult (forbidden knowledge) origins of mythological phenomena. From the ancient past, magical talismans, rings, gems, amulets, astrology, taboo, wedding and honeymoon, sex magic, the Sun (Son),and more hidden meanings in the sky. 
The link between ancient Babylon, Egypt, and the Roman Catholic Church! 
Secret knowledge kept from the worlds population, and used to control the human race. 
Become enlightened by the facts that have been pushed into the darkness for centuries.
Japanese Kampo Diet, 6 x 0.3 x 9 inches. 134 pages.

Forget about counting calories, or not being able to have the food you like to enjoy. With the Japanese Kampo diet, you can eat freely and maintain a good healthy body! The diet is complete no matter if you are a vegan, or full time carnivore. Eating using the guides listed in this book will radically alter your health for the better. Make it much easier to maintain a low body fat while increasing your immunity, muscle size, bone density, and as a extra plus, reduce harmful stress on your body and decrease inflammation in your joints. Feel years younger and marvel at how your new found energy in just a few short weeks. This diet and health system has been distilled down through the centuries, from China to Japan and now you!
Nuclear Power.

In this book I provide a solution to nuclear reactor core meltdown. That will save lives and the enviroment (this could have helped at Fukushima, Japan). The radiation fallout effects are detailed since 1945, along with basic nuclear reactor anatomy, and a breif explanation of "fission", so anyone can understand how nuclear power is developed and used. How the "radiation" is introduced into our food chain is illustrated. In addition to this a list of some nuclear 'accidents' from around the world along with incredible as it might sound "lost nuclear weapons!" To top it all off a glossary of terms. This book will literally blow you away!