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​Dear Athlete,

  Congratulations! You have taken the first step towards attaining your full genetic potential. The only way you will ever find out how far you can develop, is to train. Your rate of progress is directly related to the amount of effort you put into it.
  Not everyone can become a bodybuilding champion, Olympic swimmer, basketball star, or even a tennis professional. We all have strengths and weakness in our genetic makeup, that cannot be changed. But you can develop your own maximum genetic potential (whatever it may be). 
  Remember, perfection is a path to be walked on. Not a destination. The Japanese “kaizen” which means to be ever and on going improve upon oneself. Is a classic example of always learning and making yourself better. We all have different talents, virtues, etc. Find out which ones are yours. Then develop them to the maximum possible!
  The human body has not changed, but records continue to be broken. It is the mind which dictates to the body, what is possible and what is not! Mankind has just started to realize that, just as we utilize only a fraction of our mental capacity. We only utilize only a fraction of our physical capacity!
  Someday mankind may use 80-90 even 100% of both mind and body. They will truly be supermen/women...Until then keep training!
Best regards,
Tony Salvitti
Your body is unique in all the universe. Every detail of your physical being is encoded into your D.N.A. 
To unleash your full genetic potential you need a guide. An advanced trainer that is seeking the same results as yourself. With a driven and unyielding quest for the best you can be.
 Jean-Claude Van Damme & John Salvitti
           2014 "Pound of flesh" movie